8 Purrfect Reasons To Brush Your Cat Regularly

Cats are usually very diligent about keeping themselves clean. However, that doesn’t mean your furball can’t use some assistance. As it turns out, brushing Fluffy daily will benefit her in several ways. A Sugar Land, TX vet lists some reasons to brush your kitty in this article.

Smoother Coat

When you brush Fluffy, you’re removing dead fur, dander, and dust from her coat. This will leave your feline friend looking pretty and clean.

Less Hairballs

We probably don’t have to tell you what hairballs are. They’re not Fluffy’s cutest trick. When you brush your pet, you’re grabbing that fur with a brush before she swallows it. That means less hairballs, which is something both you and your cat can appreciate.

Kitty Inspection

Brushing sessions are also a great way for you to check Fluffy for signs of illness or injury. Bumps, bruises, heat, swelling, sore spots, and skin/fur problems are all warning signs that would warrant a call to the vet. Early detection is always beneficial when treating health issues in kitties!


Brushing your cat is also good for her circulation. This is another small but wonderful effect of grooming your furball regularly.


Our feline pals are actually quite the little divas. Fluffy may really enjoy being pampered. Your kitty will also know that you’re doing something for her, which will help her feel loved and safe. Don’t be surprised if she starts her little motor when you brush her!


This one is more of a concern for longhaired kitties, as they often get knots in their fur. If Fluffy is, well, fluffy, you’ll want to use a detangling brush, particularly in problem areas, like her kitty armpits.

Less Fur Everywhere

Fluffy’s coat is very pretty, and she thoughtfully tries to share it with us, often by leaving it all over our clothes and furniture. More fur in the brush means less fur stuck to your shirt or sofa. That’s definitely a plus!


Choose a time when Fluffy is feeling relaxed. (Given how sleepy cats are, that shouldn’t be too hard.) Brush her gently, going with the direction of her fur. When she decides she’s done, just let her go. Don’t force her to submit. That’s a good way to get scratched!

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