Working at Home With Cats

Have you been working from home lately? If so, you’re not alone. There are some nice perks to telecommuting. You don’t have to drive, can wear sweats or pajamas, and can play a radio or TV while you work. If you have a kitty, you also may find yourself with an adorable desk mate. Read on as a local Sugar Land, TX vet offers a few pointers on working from home with Fluffy.

Catproof Desk

Kitties are very playful, which is one of their most adorable traits. However, Fluffy’s frisky streak can backfire. Keep your feline pal in mind when setting up your workstation. You’ll want to set your computer to a short screen lock time. Otherwise, you’re likely to return and find your furry buddy sitting or sleeping on your keyboard. You’ll also want to make sure your frisky pet can’t break or spill anything.

Kitty Cuddles

One of the best things about working with cats is the fact that you get to snuggle Fluffy whenever you want. I think we all need a few extra hugs this year! Take advantage of the extra time with your feline buddy, and take kitty play breaks when you need to.


Cats are very much creatures of habit. Fluffy may very well stick to a set routine for her 43 daily naps, 12 meals, 3 meditation sessions, and playtime. Try to stick to a set routine!


Our feline friends are very playful when they are young. If Fluffy hasn’t quite outgrown her zoomy kitten stage yet, take time to play with her before starting work. The point here is to (hopefully) tire your furball out. Sleeping on the job isn’t a good idea for you, but it’s purrfectly fine for cats! 

Making Others Smile

One thing that cats are very, very good at is keeping people smiling. Fluffy’s cute face, loving purrs, and cuddles can brighten up even the worst day. Take a cute photo of your furball ‘helping’ you with your work, and send it to others.


After you’ve finished work, settle in for some cuddles and R&R with your feline companion. Hanging out with Fluffy is a great way to wind down after a long day!

Please do not hesitate to contact us, your local Sugar Land, TX vet clinic, if ever we can be of assistance. We are here for you!

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