Life Lessons from Dogs

It’s been a very rough year, and our canine pals have been a huge help at getting us through. Fido is very intuitive, and knows when his humans are sad, sick, or scared. Many dogs have been sticking extra close to their humans recently. However, offering snuggles isn’t the only way Man’s Best Friend has been helpful lately. As it turns out, dogs can also be a great inspiration. Here, a Sugar Land, TX vet lists some things we learned from dogs.

Stay Active

We know, there are quite a few furry couch potatoes out there. However, even the laziest pup usually has their moments of friskiness. Making sure that you are getting enough exercise and activity is very important! Fido may also help out with this one in a more direct way. All those daily walks add up! They’re also a great way to get some fresh air and exercise.

Take Time To Play

Our furry pals are super cute when they are feeling playful. Fido loves running after his favorite toy, or tugging on a rope pull. That adorable doggy joy can be a great source of inspiration, even—and perhaps especially—on bad days. Take time to do something you enjoy.

Be Curious

Dogs have a very healthy sense of adventure, and love exploring. Take a cue from your pet, and make an effort to learn about new things and places.

Be Yourself

Many people have found themselves becoming quite introspective over the past few months, revisiting old hobbies or trying new ones. This isn’t a bad thing, and may be one of the few silver linings of this trying year. Do what makes you happy!

Smell The Roses

Have you ever found yourself waiting for your canine buddy to stop nosing around a patch of grass? Fido doesn’t only want to smell the roses: he wants to check out everything else, too. This can be mildly frustrating, but it’s also a good reminder to really appreciate the things you have around you.

Be Loyal

Fido is amazingly loyal, a trait we just can’t praise enough. Man’s Best Friend is known for staying loyally by us, no matter what. Stick with those who matter to you, and let them know you appreciate them.

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