Fluffy’s Summer Plans

It’s almost summer! Many people are busy planning their to-do lists for the next few months. As it turns out, our feline pals also have a few things on their agendas. Here, a Sugar Land, TX vet offers tips on things your kitty will do this summer.


Cats can spend up to 20 hours a day snoozing. Help your furball beat the heat by making her a little kitty hammock. Just attach a piece of fabric to a table with four legs, and tell her to stay off it. Done! You can also point a fan at or above Fluffy’s bed, to help keep it cooler.

Soak Up Some Sun

Cats don’t actually run on solar power, but we’re not sure if they ever got that memo. Don’t be surprised if you find Fluffy stretched out in a sunbeam, recharging her catteries.

Ponder World Domination

At some point, you’ll find your feline overlord nonchalantly watching a sunset or rainstorm with a look of deep thought on her face. Back away slowly.

Block Traffic

Kitties are very good at getting comfortable. When it’s hot, they naturally seek out the coolest spots. Since floor tiles often stay coolest, you may find Fluffy sprawled out in the middle of your kitchen … right where she’s in everyone’s way.

Make You Laugh

This one probably isn’t a surprise. We definitely have some furry little comedians on our patient list! (Fluffy actually manages to be most entertaining when she thinks she’s being serious, but that’s another topic.)

Steal Your Drink

Make sure Fluffy always has plenty of fresh water! This is actually the best thing you can do to protect her from summer’s scorching heat. Unfortunately, it won’t stop her from sticking her paw (or face) in your glass of ice water.

Catch Lizards

It’s not unusual to find small lizards hanging out in bushes around town. At some point this summer, one of these little guys may find its way into your home. If this happens, Fluffy will valiantly leap to your defense. Or, if that’s too much work, she’ll just yawn and go back to sleep.

Be Adorable

Fluffy probably won’t have much trouble making this goal! Kitties have a special way of looking super cute, even when they aren’t doing anything.

Please reach out to us, your Sugar Land, TX vet clinic, anytime. We are here to help!

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