Dog Care Hacks

Dogs are wonderful pets and companions, that truly brighten up and enrich our lives. However, Fido does require lots of love, care, and attention. Here, a Sugar Land, TX vet offers a few tips that will make caring for your canine pal a bit easier.


Snap a carabiner on the end of Fido’s leash. That way, if you need to stop for something while walking your furry buddy, you can clip him to a tree or fence, so your hands are free. (Note: never leave your dog unattended.)

Paws For Thought

Does your four-legged friend hate having his feet handled? Teach Fido that he’ll get a yummy treat for letting you Shake his paw. Then, start holding the paw, and running clippers over it.

Bath Hack

Does your dog make a mess during bathtime? Get a clear shower curtain, and cut two slits in it. These should be about shoulder width apart. Hang the curtain in front of your tub when bathing Fido, and stick your arms through the slits. This should protect you from getting completely soaked.


Dedicate a specific jacket or fanny pack to walking your dog. Keep it filled with treats, waste baggies, a phone charger, ear buds, spare keys, and anything else you may want to take with you. Then, you’ll only have to grab one thing on your way out the door.

Fur Busting

Shedding is just a part of life for people with pups. Rubber dish gloves, squeegees, damp sponges, and dryer sheets all work great at removing pet fur from furniture and upholstery. If you just need to get fur off a single piece of clothing, toss it in the dryer with a damp washcloth for a few minutes.

Nose Art

Does Fido like making doggy art on your windows? Use newspaper and vinegar to remove your pet’s masterpieces.

Dental Hack

Are you having a hard time getting your canine companion to let you brush his teeth? Put some doggy toothpaste on a rope toy or a chew, and let Fido go to town.


Does your pooch have a habit of jerking on his leash? When your pup does this, immediately change direction. Fido will get the hint sooner or later!

Please do not hesitate to contact us, your Sugar Land, TX vet clinic, for all of your pup’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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