If Pets Had Thumbs Day

There’s a pretty cute and whimsical pet holiday around the corner. March 3rd is If Pets Had Thumbs Day! What do you think your furry pal would do if they suddenly woke up with opposable thumbs? A local Sugar Land, TX vet offers some ‘petucated’ guesses below.

Taste Test Everything

We’re not sure if Fluffy and Fido would attempt cooking, but they would definitely check out what’s in your fridge. You may find your fridge and cupboards empty and your pets sleeping through a food coma!

Get That Itch

Pets look to us to take good care of them. This not only entails providing food, water, and veterinary care, it also means helping scratch those itchies. Your furry friend would immediately grab a back scratcher or something similar and get that stubborn back itch.

Ransack The House

If cupboards and drawers were suddenly easy for pets to access, well, you may come home to find a bit of a mess. Fido may be mostly interested in looking for toys and treats. Fluffy, however, would probably empty out every drawer and box she could, just for kicks.

Order In

If pets had the ability to make phone calls, you may find a steady stream of food delivery people coming to your door. Your four-legged pal may also book themselves a pet masseuse.

Go Online

The internet has changed life drastically for many of us. If your dog or cat could get online, you’d probably come home to find them at your computer. Fido may delve into online shopping, and purchase himself lots of beds, toys, and gift baskets. Fluffy may be content to just delete all your files and install an aquarium screensaver. Or, she may start ordering live exotic fish.

Cancel Appointments

Your pet will be much healthier with regular veterinary care. However, most of our furry patients would rather take another nap than come visit us. We have a sneaking suspicion that our calendars would suddenly be empty.


If your furry pal had thumbs, it would be quite challenging getting them to stay inside. Fido would hitchhike to for his favorite park or beach. Fluffy may choose to stay in, but she would probably lock her canine roommate out.

Please reach out to us, your local Sugar Land, TX vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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