The Cat’s Meow

Do you have a chatty cat? Or does your furball only speak up when you’re late with her breakfast? Kitties all have their own personalities. One area where Fluffy’s charisma shines is in the way she vocalizes. Here, a Sugar Land, TX vet discusses the cat’s meow.

Translating The Meow

Technically, cats make well over 100 different sounds. However, for practical purposes, these are all lumped in together as the meow. The meow is really an all-purrpose command. Fluffy may meow to request—or demand—that you pick her up, put her down, pet her, stop petting her, let her in, let her out, feed her, or play with her. Kitties also meow to greet their humans, or sometimes to let us know they’ve pushed their toy under the couch again. Cats also meow when they’re scared, sick, or uncomfortable. And, of course, some kitties will meow about, well, pretty much anything and everything.

Talking To Fluffy

If you have a chatty cat, try playing this cute game: when Fluffy makes a noise, mimic the sound as closely as you can. See how long you and your pet can keep the conversation going. Don’t be surprised if your kitty gets affectionate after your ‘talk.’ That’s her way of showing you how happy she is that you’re trying to communicate!

Fluffy’s Voice

Kitties all have distinct voices. Breed definitely plays a role here. For instance, Siamese cats often sound like human babies, while Maine Coons sound rather chirpy. And, just as with people, some felines are just more talkative than others are.

Changes In Vocalizations

Changes in your feline pal’s vocalizations can be a sign that something is wrong. For example, if your normally-quiet kitty suddenly won’t stop crying, she may be ill. A talkative furball that suddenly withdraws and won’t meow or interact with you may also not be feeling well. Contact your vet immediately if you notice changes in your cat’s meows.

Older Cats

Senior felines often get very talkative as they age. Just like people, cats in their golden years sometimes get confused and forgetful. Fluffy may forget where her litterbox is, and may meow loudly to vocalize her distress. Just do what you can to comfort her when this happens.

Please reach out to us, your Sugar Land, TX vet clinic, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We’re always happy to help!

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