Fluffy’s Napping Regimen

Is your feline buddy sleeping right now? The odds are pretty high that she is. If your furball actually is awake, there’s a good chance that she either recently woke up or is about to curl up for a snooze. Cats certainly are tired! Read on as a local Sugar Land, TX vet discusses Fluffy’s sleeping habits.

Why Is Fluffy So Tired?

Kitties can sleep up to 20 hours a day, though most of them average a ‘mere’ 14 hours or so. That’s more than almost any other animal on the planet! Do kitties really need that much rest? Maybe. Most other predators do just fine with 8-12 hours of sleep. That said, cats do expend a lot of energy in a short time when hunting. They also don’t have many ways to cool off if they overheat. Fluffy may be overcompensating a bit here, but, well, she isn’t losing any sleep over that.

Napping Facts

To be fair, Fluffy isn’t sound asleep during most of those naps. In fact, if you call her name while she’s asleep, she may flick her tail or half-open her eyes to look at you. Kitties often sort of doze, and will still process sounds and other stimuli even when they appear to be zonked out. In the wild, this helps them stay aware of both predators and prey.

Dreaming Felines

Have you ever noticed your furball twitching or making noises as she’s sleeping? Studies show that, just like people, cats do dream when they enter deep sleep cycles. As to what kitties dream about, well, we suspect catnip mice, sunbeams, and cardboard boxes may be involved.

Keeping Kitties Purring

One of the best ways to spoil your kitty is to just make sure she has plenty of comfy beds. Store-bought beds are fairly cheap, so grab a few and keep them in different rooms. Fluffy will also appreciate having some soft blankets or pillows set out on beds or chairs. Move these things around regularly, so your sleepy pet always has a new napping spot to test out. Of course, your feline friend may also take some of her naps on your lap. Or, she may sleep on a shoebox. With cats, you never know!

Please reach out to us, your local Sugar Land, TX vet clinic, for all of your kitty’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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