Tips For Adopting a Shelter Pet

April 30th is Adopt A Shelter Pet Day. If you’re ready to welcome a new furry, four-legged buddy into your home, please consider adopting from a shelter. Here, a local Sugar Land, TX vet discusses adopting a shelter pet.

Making A New Friend

Getting a new pet counts as a major life event in our book! It’s also a major commitment. Spend some time with your potential pet before making a final decision. Don’t adopt a pet unless you are dedicated to providing your new buddy with food, love, and care for the rest of their life.


It’s a good idea to go shopping before you bring your new pet home. You’ll need to get bedding, food, toys, treats, dishes, and grooming supplies. Fido will need a leash and a collar or harness, while Fluffy will require a litterbox and a scratching post.

Veterinary Care

A trip to the vet’s should be one of the first things on your agenda. Most shelter pets have been spayed or neutered, but you’ll need to get Fido or Fluffy a thorough exam, and make sure they are current with their vaccinations and parasite control products. If your pet hasn’t been microchipped, we strongly recommend seeing to that as well. This is also a great chance to get some professional feedback on your pet’s diet and care needs.

Settling In

Set up a comfy area or room for your new buddy, with food, water, bedding, toys, treats, and, in Fluffy’s case, a litterbox. This will give your pet a quiet, cozy place to recuperate from the stress of being in a shelter. If you have other pets, make introductions slowly. No need to rush!


Do some petproofing, and remove or secure potentially-dangerous items, like toxic plants, plastic bags, chemicals, and small or sharp objects. If you have a yard, make sure your fencing is secure, and get a self-latching gate.

Purrs and Tail Wags

Some dogs and cats will immediately make themselves at home, while others may need time to settle in. Don’t force attention on your new pal: just let them adjust to their new home. You’re starting out on a long, beautiful journey of friendship with your new pal, so savor every moment of it!

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