8 Cute Ways To Celebrate Cuddly Kitten Day

Did you know that there’s an adorable pet holiday around the corner? March 23rd is Cuddly Kitten Day! Our feline friends can be quite cuddly, even when they are long past that cute kitten stage. This is a great time to show your furball some extra attention! Read on as a Sugar Land, TX vet lists some great ways to celebrate this kitty holiday.


Kitties are very curious and playful, and need mental stimulation to thrive. They also need to indulge their predatory instincts, by mimicking the things they would do when hunting in the wild. Get your furry buddy a new toy to pounce on. Classic options, like catnip mice, are fine. You can also get something more modern, like an automated laser pointer.


Offer your furry companion a special snack to celebrate her special day. Canned tuna or chicken in water is fine. You can also offer Fluffy store -bought treats, or plain, cooked chicken, turkey, or fish, without the skin, bones, or fat.


Treat your furball to a new piece of kitty furniture, such as a cat tower or pet tent. Fluffy will also appreciate a comfy new bed.


Snap some cute pictures of your furball being her adorable self. You can never have too many kitty photos!


Spend a few minutes holding a wand toy or laser pointer for your feline friend. This is a great way to keep Fluffy active and entertained. It will be fun for you, too. After all, it’s hard not to smile when watching frisky cats hard at play!


While we may never entirely sort out Fluffy’s box obsession, we do know one thing: it’s adorable! Giving your kitty a new box is bound to put that cute smug look on her face.

Veterinary Care

Given the option, Fluffy would turn her little nose up at this one. However, your pet will be both happier and healthier if she’s getting proper veterinary care. Make an appointment today!


What better way to celebrate Cuddly Kitten Day than by snuggling up with your kitty? Relaxing with a good book or movie and a purring furball is a wonderful way to wrap up a long day.

Please reach out to us, your Sugar Land, TX pet clinic, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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