How to Defeat Pet Odors at Home

Does a bit of a smell hit your nostrils when you enter a certain part of your home? If your pet is smelling up your living space a bit, you’re not alone—many of our animal companions can start to leave odors around our homes after a while. Below, your Sugar Land, TX veterinarian tells you what to do.

Groom Your Pet

Grooming your pet on a regular basis can make a huge difference when it comes to odors. Brush your animal friend every day—this traps loose fur in the brush itself, preventing hair from falling all over your home, and it gets rid of smelly grime trapped underneath your pet’s coat. Plus, brushing helps spread essential skin oils through the fur to moisturize it naturally, stopping a lot of shedding before it can even begin.

Bathing is another great idea for pets who could use a freshening up, and it’s an absolute necessity if your companion has gotten into something smelly or sticky. Always use a shampoo made specifically for pets, and don’t overdo it— bathing too frequently can dry out the skin and fur.

Use Odor Neutralizers

Air fresheners are great in the short term, but they’re ultimately just masking over smells. Odor neutralizer products, though, combat the enzymes that cause odors at the root. There are all sorts of odor-control products out there for pets, and stain- and odor-removers for vomit, feces, urine, and everything in between. Ask your vet for a recommendation on great odor-control products made just for pets.

Check the Trouble Spots

Since pets tend to spend so much time in their beds, these areas can get a bit smelly after a while. Don’t be afraid to toss your pet’s blanket or bedding in the washing machine every now and then—or replace them entirely—to keep things smelling fresh. If you own a cat, be sure to scoop out the litterbox on a regular basis.

Visit Your Veterinarian

Are you still having trouble getting your pet to stop emanating a stench? It may be time to see the veterinarian. A variety of health issues—parasitic infestation, skin infections, abscesses, and much more—could be the cause of odors, and you’ll want to have these problems addressed right away.

Ready to make an appointment to have your pet checked out? Want more advice on pet grooming? Call your Sugar Land, TX animal hospital.

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