Obesity and Your Canine Companion

Obesity is something that many of our canine companions have to deal with at one point or another—nearly half of all domesticated dogs are overweight! Do you suspect that your pooch might be carrying around some extra pounds? Use these steps from a Sugar Land, TX vet to get Fido back to a healthy weight.

See the Vet

Before doing anything, make an appointment to have your dog examined at the vet’s office. That way, you can confirm whether or not your dog is, in fact, carrying around too much weight. From there, you can work on slimming him down. Your veterinarian will be able to tell you what comes next, whether that’s a tailored weight-loss plan or a small change in diet.

Portion Size Adjustment

Many times, dogs become obese simply because they’re fed too large of portions. Free-feeding is also particularly problematic; this is when a pet owner leaves food out at all times for a dog to munch on as they please, and it’s a quick path toward obesity. Ask your veterinarian about a measured portion size that’s perfect for your dog, and give your dog meals during scheduled times. Remove uneaten food after a set period of time so that your dog doesn’t overeat.

Diet Upgrade

If your dog’s diet isn’t up to snuff, it’s time for an upgrade. Don’t allow your dog to keep eating a “budget” food that contains a lot of filler material and empty calories—instead, feed him a premium diet that’s well-suited to his age, size, and breed. Consult your vet for a recommendation on a high-quality food that works for your dog.

Avoid giving your pooch a lot of fatty table scraps, and don’t overdo it in the treat department. Try selecting treats that have a health benefit, such as dental improvement or digestive health.

Regular Exercise

There’s no substitute for regular exercise when it comes to weight loss; this is true for dogs and humans alike! Exercise your dog on a daily basis via brisk walks through the neighborhood or raucous play sessions indoors. This keeps your dog’s entire body in good shape and helps burn off excess calories to stay trim.

Do you need help with your dog’s weight loss? Wondering what types of exercise will work best for your four-legged friend? We’re here to help. Contact your Sugar Land, TX veterinary clinic today to learn more.

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