7 Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy in 2019

Happy New Year! Health and fitness are on many people’s minds today, and are at the top of many people’s lists of resolutions for the new year. This is a great time to look at your cat’s care regimen, and see if anything needs improvement. Here, a Sugar Land, TX vet offers tips on keeping Fluffy healthy in 2019.

Good Food

A good pet care regimen starts with great nutrition. Offer your furball a good, high-quality pet food. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Fresh Water

Make sure Fluffy always has fresh water. Some cats prefer to drink running water, so you may want to get your furball a kitty fountain.


Cats are really, really good at doing as little as possible, but they can and do suffer from boredom. Offer Fluffy lots of fun toys to pounce on, so she can indulge her inner huntress. It’s also important to play with your kitty regularly. Use a toy you can control. This will make playtime more fun and challenging for her, and help keep her fit and active. Don’t be surprised if your furry buddy hops into your lap for cuddles and purrs after playtime is over. Kitties know and appreciate when we do things for them.

Visit The Vet

We know, your feline companion would be purrfectly content if she never had to see us again. However, proper veterinary care is very important. Fluffy should be microchipped, spayed or neutered, and kept current on her vaccinations, exams, and parasite control. Healthy cats are happy cats!


Never underestimate Fluffy’s capacity for getting herself into mischief! Do some petproofing, and remove anything that your kitty shouldn’t play with, such as small or sharp items, plastic bags, threads and ropes, chemicals, and medications. We also strongly advise keeping cats safe and sound indoors.


Make sure that Fluffy has the proper kitty necessities, such as a clean litterbox, some pet furniture, a good window view, and, of course, comfy beds. Fluffy will also enjoy having places to explore, such as pet tents.


Your feline pal’s mental health has a huge effect on her physical condition. Keep your furball purring and content by paying lots of attention to her.

Please contact us, your Sugar Land, TX vet clinic, anytime. We look forward to offering your kitty great care in 2019 and beyond!

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