DIY Holiday Gifts for Pets

Happy Holidays! Are you still working on your shopping? Don’t forget about your pet! Of course, if you have a tight budget, or just like to upcycle things, you may want to make your pet’s gifts. A Sugar Land, TX vet lists some great DIY holiday gifts for pets in this article.


Beds make great kitty gifts! You can make Fluffy a cute bed by upcycling a hard-shell suitcase, hatbox, or an end table with doors. Remove the doors, or, if it’s a suitcase, prop it open so it can’t close on your pet. Add some paint or varnish to make it look nice. Put some soft bedding inside, and tell Fluffy to stay out of it. Or, you can make your furball a cat tower out of an old stepladder, bookshelf, or storage rack. Attach some smooth boards to make kitty napping spots, and then cover it in carpet or sisal rope. Voila! Instant happy cat!


You can make Fido a cute rope toy by cutting a clean tee shirt or towel into thin strips. Braid the strips together, and then braid the braids. Tie it off with a big knot. Or, make your canine buddy a puzzle toy. Get a short piece of PVC pipe and two end caps. Drill 1″ holes in it, and then file down any sharp edges. Pour kibble inside, and then put the end caps on. Done!

Pocket Pets

Many of these smaller furballs have open-rooted teeth, so they need to chew a lot. Turn the cardboard rings from toilet-paper rolls into cute toys by cutting them into rings, then reassembling them into a ball. You can also stuff them with fresh hay or herbs, or fold the edges together into an ‘envelope’ around a yummy snack. Plain paper is also safe. Fill a shoebox or a paper bag with shredded paper or crumpled-up paper balls.


Why not make your feathered pal a hanging rope toy? You can use playing cards, poker chips, plastic bottlecaps, rice cakes, popsicle sticks, and/or plastic shower curtain rings. Or, you can make Polly a gift basket. Choose a wicker basket with handles, and wrap cloth around the handles. Make sure there are no sharp pieces. Then, put the items listed above into it.

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