Holiday Doggy Petiquette

The holidays are coming up fast! Your canine buddy will no doubt be right by your side during this special season. Dogs are wonderful, loyal, and loving pets. However, they do have a few bad habits. Here, a Sugar Land, TX vet offers tips on helping Fido put his best paw forward during the holidays.

Greeting People

One doggy duty Fido takes very seriously is announcing guests. You may find it helpful if your pooch barks when the doorbell rings. However, if your furry friend tends to say hello by jumping on them, you may need to work on your pup’s manners. This can be quite dangerous! You don’t want your pet knocking your grandma over, or making your aunt drop her casserole. You can teach your canine pal to sit quietly when the doorbell rings. Training will take time, patience, and lots of doggy treats, but it is possible, and well worth it. If your dog is still learning, keep him crated, leashed, or in another area as people are coming and going.

Playful Puppy

Man’s Best Friend is very energetic when he’s young. If Fido is prone to racing around the house, wear him out with a long walk and a vigorous play session before your guests arrive. Tired dogs are good dogs!


On Thanksgiving Day, dogs across the country will put on their most adorable and heart-melting sad-puppy expressions in the hopes of scoring some snacks. Begging is not only bad doggy manners, it can make guests uneasy. You also don’t want to risk someone giving your pooch something that isn’t safe for him. Consistency is key here: if you reward Fido for begging by giving him food when he does it, he’ll only get more brazen. If you can’t break the habit before the holiday, feed your dog before you eat, and offer him a fun puzzle toy, such as a Kong toy. You can also crate him or put him in another room during dinner. Also, ask guests not to give Fido food without your consent.

Stealing Food

Fido isn’t above snatching food off counters or tables if the opportunity arises. This can be very dangerous! Teach your pup the Leave It command. For a short-term solution, when your furry pal approaches the table, have him go Lay Down.

Season’s Greetings! Please contact us, your Sugar Land, TX vet clinic, anytime.

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