7 Things You Learn When You Adopt a Parrot

Have you decided to adopt a parrot? If you’ve never had one of these beautiful birds before, you may be in for a bit of a learning curve. In this article, a local Sugar Land, TX vet discusses life with Polly,

Parrots Are Smart

Parrots are extremely smart, joining dolphins and primates on the list of most intelligent animals. Some African Greys can correctly identify dozens of objects, and can even add. This puts Polly’s intelligence as roughly that of a 3 to 5 year old human child. That’s pretty impressive!

Parrots Are Not Quiet

Polly may be quiet as a baby, but as she grows, so will her voice. Parrots can be pretty loud. In fact, noise complaints are one of the most common reasons for them to be rehomed. It’s worth noting that, while some birds talk more than others do, many parrots are loudest in the morning and evenings. This is an instinctive behavior. In the wild, birds communicate with their flocks at dusk and dawn to ‘check in.’

Polly Is A Sloppy Roommate

All of our animal companions have their own charms, and their own challenges. One downside to owning parrots is that they can be a bit sloppy. Be prepared to pick up messes!

Parrots Need Lots Of Attention

Parrots are definitely not one of the more independent pets. Polly will need lots of time out of her cage. Your feathered buddy will be happiest if she can spend the majority of that time playing and interacting with you.

Parrots Require Entertainment

As noted above, parrots are very smart. If Polly doesn’t have ways to keep herself occupied, she’ll quickly get bored and irritable. Offer your pet lots of fun toys, and change them out regularly to keep things fun and fresh for her.

Parrots Aren’t Easy To Read

You probably wouldn’t try to pet a dog that was growling, or pick up a hissing cat. However, figuring out when Polly is cranky is a bit trickier. Pay attention to your winged friend, and get to know her body language.

Parrots Are Hilarious

Parrots may be small, but they have big personalities. Polly is bound to keep you smiling with her cute antics and lovable quirks!

Contact us, your Sugar Land, TX vet clinic, with any questions or concerns about parrot care. We’re here to help!

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