Caring for a Small Dog

Are you considering adopting a small dog? Little pooches can make wonderful and loving animal companions. Because many smaller breeds were bred as companion pets, these little guys are often very lovable and cuddly. Smaller breeds do have some specific care requirements, however. Read on as a local Sugar Land, TX vet discusses caring for small dogs.


Training is just as important for little pups as it is for big ones. Small breeds can be a bit bossy, so don’t forget about petiquette. Make sure Fido knows basic doggy commands, like Sit, Stay, Heel, Come, and Lay Down.


Little dogs often get nervous around big pooches. Teach Fido that you will pick him up if he puts a paw on your leg.


We recommend using a harness, rather than a collar, on smaller dogs. This is because it’s very easy to accidentally jerk on Fido’s leash, which isn’t very comfortable for him!


When shopping for your pet, always choose things specifically made for small dogs. Fido could hurt himself with toys and treats made for larger breeds!


Just like any other pup, small dogs need exercise to stay healthy. Your furry friend’s activity needs will depend on his age, weight, and breed, so ask your vet for advice. Be careful not to overexert your canine pal: small dogs can get winded easily. Plus, Fido may already get quite a bit of exercise running around the house on those tiny legs!


Choose a premium brand made specifically for little dogs. Keep a close eye on Fido’s portion sizes. Even giving your four-legged friend a few too many calories a day can cause him to pack on pounds! Also, be careful not to go overboard with fatty treats.


Many small dogs are prone to tear stains. This is often in part due to the fact that Fido is close to the ground, and can run into a lot of dust. Ask your vet for grooming advice.

Pet Ramps

Smaller dogs often have a hard time getting on and off furniture, and can injure themselves by jumping or falling from beds or couches. Pet ramps or stairs can help your canine buddy climb up onto things more easily.

As your Sugar Land, TX pet hospital, we are here to serve all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. Please contact us anytime!

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