7 Great Reasons to Adopt a Guinea Pig

March is Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month! While Guinea pigs—or cavies, as they are sometimes called—may not be as popular as dogs and cats, they are very cute, and can really make great pets. Here, a local Sugar Land, TX vet lists some wonderful benefits of adopting one of these lovable little furballs.

They’re Friendly

Cavies are very gentle, and can be quite lovable. Many Guinea pigs enjoy hanging out on their owners’ laps. You may even be able to teach your furry buddy some adorable tricks!

They’re Low Maintenance

As far as daily tasks, you’ll just need to offer your tiny furball fresh food and water, and remove waste from their cage. Easy-peasy!

They Make Cute Sounds

Cavies make some very adorable noises. Your furry friend will communicate with charming chirps and squeaks. (Bonus: Guinea pigs aren’t very loud, so you don’t have to worry about getting complaints from the neighbors.)

They Aren’t Expensive

Guinea pigs are fairly inexpensive. You will need to provide your pint-sized pal with fresh grass hay; commercial food; safe, suitable produce; and clean substrate. Overall, though, cavies are pretty easy on the wallet.

No Training Needed

You can teach your furry pal some cute tricks. You may also be able to litterbox train the little guy. However, this is entirely optional.

They’re Suitable For Children

Guinea pigs are very popular children’s pets. If your young one has been begging for an animal companion, a cavy may be a great starter pet.

They Don’t Need Much Space

You will need to provide a clean, comfy cage for your cavy. For one Guinea pig, we recommend getting a cage that is about 7.5 square feet. If you get more than one, you’ll need a bigger cage. However, you can easily give your pet more room by adding a second floor with ramp access.


Adopting an animal is a lifetime commitment, so make sure that you’re prepared to care for your Guinea pig for his or her entire life. You’ll also want to do some research to ensure that a cavy is a good fit for your household. Ask your vet for complete care instructions, including nutritional recommendations, cage setup, and recommended veterinary care.

Please contact us, your Sugar Land, TX pet clinic, for all your Guinea pig’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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