Grooming Your Cat

Cats are very clean, which is one reason they make such great pets. Fluffy will spend up to a third of the time she’s actually awake grooming herself, and making sure that her fur stays soft and shiny. However, even the most diligent kitty may need a helping hand sometimes. Here, a Sugar Land, TX vet discusses grooming cats.

Why Groom?

Brushing your kitty regularly will help remove dead fur and dander from her coat. This will reduce the amount of cat hair you find stuck to your clothes and upholstery, because you’ll have captured it with a brush before it gets everywhere. Of course, some cats also just need a bit of help with their beauty rituals. For instance, older kitties have trouble reaching their entire bodies, while fluffy cats get tangles in certain spots, especially under their arms and legs. Grooming can help prevent or reduce hairballs, and is even good for Fluffy’s circulation. Last but not least, this is a great way for you to bond with your cat, and spend quality time with her.

Choose The Right Time

Pick a time when your kitty is calm, relaxed, and perhaps a bit sleepy. If you try to brush Fluffy when she wants to play, you probably won’t get very far! Settle down with your cat in your lap, and pet her gently, going in the direction of her fur. Then, slowly incorporate the brush.

Incorporate Cuddles And Treats

When grooming Fluffy, make sure your furry little diva knows she’s being pampered. Talk to her gently, and offer her treats and praise.

Don’t Force It

Once Fluffy has had enough, just let her go. Don’t force your kitty to sit still for her beauty sessions. This may just make your furball wary of being groomed, which will make things even harder next time.


While you don’t have to bathe your cat, you can if you want to, as long as your vet doesn’t object. We recommend clipping your kitty’s claws first, wearing long sleeves, and putting a rubber mat down in your tub or sink. Use warm, not hot, water, and shampoos made just for kitties. Be careful not to get water in Fluffy’s eyes, ears, nose, or mouth!

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