5 Things Your Dog Wants for the Holidays

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? It’s not always easy to select just the right gifts for friends and family members. While we can’t offer too much assistance with shopping for your loved ones, we can suggest some great things to get your dog! Read on as a Sugar Land, TX vet lists some things that might make Fido’s wish list this year.


We’re pretty sure that snacks would be at the top of the list of Fido’s favorite things. Indulge your pet with some yummy snacks. Store-bought treats are great, but you can also make your canine companion some snacks. You’ll find lots of great doggy treat recipes online. Just be sure to only use ingredients that are safe for Fido. Ask your vet for specific advice on safe and unsafe foods.


It’s hard not to smile when your pet runs up to you, holding his favorite toy. Indulge this adorable playtime request! Offer your four-legged friend plenty of fun toys to play with. Puzzle toys, chew toys, and rope toys are all great. You can also go more high-tech, and get your pup a mechanical ball launcher, or perhaps an automated laser pointer.


Did you know that dogs spend up to half of their time sleeping? Make sure Fido has a comfy doggy bed to snuggle up in. Senior dogs may enjoy orthopedic beds, because of the extra support they offer. These are also a good option for large breeds.


Does your four-legged buddy have a yard to patrol? If so, a doghouse would make a wonderful gift for him. Choose one that is well-insulated. It should also be elevated off the ground a bit, so rain goes beneath it. Size is also important. While bigger is better with most pet habitats, this actually doesn’t apply with doghouses. Fido’s outdoor home should not be too big or too small, but just the right size.


At the end of the day, the best way to get your pup’s tail wagging is to simply spend time with him. Pet Fido every day, play with him, and offer lots of belly rubs and ear scritches. The time we have to spend with our furry friends is truly precious.

Happy Holidays! Please feel free to contact us, your Sugar Land, TX vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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