DIY Bird Toys

Do you have a pet bird? One thing that is very important when it comes to keeping your feathered buddy happy is making sure that she has plenty of fun toys. Many store-bought toys are great, but you can also make lots of your pet’s playthings yourself, using ordinary household items. In this article, a Sugar Land, TX vet lists some great DIY bird toys.

Birdie Basket

Get a wicker basket with a wide handle that will serve as a perch. Make sure there aren’t any sharp edges sticking out of it. You may want to wrap a piece of cloth around the handle. Fill the basket with toys and treats for Polly.

Popsicle Sticks

There are all sorts of things you can do with popsicle sticks! You can use a pet-safe glue to make ladders or swings out of them. Or, just put some plain ones in a tissue box.


Put some uncooked spaghetti in a tissue box. You may be surprised at how much fun Polly has just snapping the strands!

Hanging Toys

Use twine or plastic shower curtain rings to string small toys together. You can use bottlecaps, beads, paper cups, popcorn, or game chips.

Phone Book

An old black-and-white phone book can make for some great bird entertainment. Drill a hole through one corner, near the spine, and use twine to hang it up in Polly’s cage. This is great for parrots!

Egg Carton

You can turn a cardboard egg carton into a fun toy for your bird. Put a small treat or toy in each cup. You can use golf balls, wooden thread spools, poker chips, or bottlecaps. Close the lid, and let Polly have at it. Or, cut out two of the pockets, fill them with millet or trail mix, and then reattach them.

Rice Cake

A plain rice cake can make a great edible bird toy. Use twine to hang it from your winged buddy’s cage. (Note: check the ingredients on the label, and make sure it’s safe for Polly.)


Always put your pet’s safety first! Never give Polly toys with small or sharp parts, or anything that is potentially toxic. You’ll also want to avoid items coated in paint or dye, breakable items, or anything with dangling threads.

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