A Quick Word on Doggy Toys

Does your canine buddy have a favorite toy? Maybe your pet loves his rope toy, or perhaps a stuffed animal is his favorite. Playthings are actually very good for Fido: they help keep him active, prevent doggy boredom, burn off excess energy, and entertain him. They’re also a great way to really get that cute tail wagging! Read on as a Sugar Land, TX vet offers some tips on keeping Fido’s toy box full.

Choosing Toys

Keep your pet’s age, breed, and size in mind when picking toys for him. Large dogs can choke on toys made for small breeds, while little dogs can hurt themselves on playthings made for big pooches. Tennis balls, for instance, are fine for medium-sized dogs, but can present serious choking hazards for large breeds. You’ll also want to check the materials that your four-legged pal’s toys are made of. Go with natural toys as much as possible. Fido’s background and temperament are another thing to consider. If your dog has any aggressive tendencies, rope toys may not be the best option: some of our canine friends can get quite worked up over a round of Tug O’ War! Ask your vet for recommendations.


Inspect Fido’s playthings regularly. When they start to get worn or ripped, it’s best to replace them. This is particularly important with stuffed animals, as many of those cute little teddy bears have plastic eyes, noses, and/or buttons that could choke a playful pup. Your furry pal could also choke on the stuffing or squeaker. Always err on the side of caution, and choose safe, suitable products.


Given that dogs tend to play with their mouths, it’s probably no surprise that Fido’s toys can quickly become icky, germ-ridden, bacteria habitats. Keep your pet’s playthings clean. Stuffed animals and rope toys can often go right in the washing machine. Check the labels for instructions. You can also quickly disinfect rope toys in the microwave. Just remove any metal parts, soak it in water, and microwave it on high for about a minute. Many plastic and rubber toys can be washed in the dishwasher. Use the hot water cycle, and hold the soap: the steam will clean and disinfect your furry friend’s playthings.

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