6 Great Reasons to Consider Adopting a Senior Pet

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! This is definitely a wonderful cause. Older dogs and cats can make terrific pets! Actually, there are some great advantages to adopting pets that are in their golden years. A Sugar Land, TX vet lists a few of them below.

They Just Want Love

Our furry friends want nothing more than to love and be loved. Fluffy may be perfectly content to curl up in your lap, purring, at the end of the day, while Fido just wants belly rubs. These lovable pets are full of tail wags and purrs, and have lots of cuddles and affection to give!

They’re Super Sweet

As dogs and cats age, they often become very sweet-natured and cuddly. Many people who have adopted older animals say that their pets are extremely loyal and friendly. It’s hard to resist a cute old dog or a sleepy senior feline that just wants a forever friend.

Less Exercise Needs

Puppies and kittens are almost unbearably cute. They also have a knack for mischief. Older pets, however, are much more interested in naps and treats than in playing. Fluffy will probably be too busy sleeping to bother knocking everything off your counter, while Fido may prefer a short walk to a vigorous play session.

Perfect Match

Because older pets are not very active, they don’t need as much room as younger furballs. This makes them a great choice for anyone who lives in an apartment. They’re also a wonderful match for senior citizens, as well as for anyone with mobility issues or disabilities.

Prior Training

Senior pets that are up for adoption are often already trained. Needless to say, being able to skip the housebreaking stage is a great boon for dog owners. As for Fluffy, well, she’ll already be litterbox trained, and an expert napper to boot!

Everyone Deserves A Second Chance

Even the most lovable and wonderful pet can end up in a shelter. Sometimes older animals are abandoned by careless owners. In other cases, they may have run away or gotten lost, or had to be surrendered due to unfortunate circumstances. No matter what the reason, older dogs and cats all deserve a second chance.

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