Tips for Setting Up a Guinea Pig Cage

Have you recently adopted a Guinea pig? These tiny furballs, which are also known as cavies, are super cute, and make great pets! One of the most important parts of good Guinea pig care is making you’re your little buddy is comfortable in his cage. A Sugar Land, TX vet discusses setting up a Guinea pig cage in this article.

Choosing The Cage

Cavies are very active and playful, and need lots of room to run and play. For a single Guinea pig, we recommend getting a cage that is at least 7.5 square feet. Cavies do like having friends to play with, so you can keep same-sex pairs together. If you get more than one furball, however, you’ll need a bigger cage. We recommend getting a wire cage. Choose one with a solid bottom, as wire floors can hurt your furry friend’s paws. To give your pet more room, look for one with a second story.


Next, you’ll need to add a proper substrate. Aspen is a good choice. You can also use fleece blankets. Just be sure to avoid substrates made of pine or cedar, as these are toxic to small animals.


Your adorable buddy will need a hidey-hole to run into when he feels frightened or wants a nap. You’ll also want to provide food dishes and a water bottle. A litterbox and hayrack are optional, but you may find them helpful.


Life in a cage can get quite dull, so make sure to give your furry pal lots of fun toys to play with, including plenty of suitable chew toys. You can give your pint-sized pet items made of cardboard, wood, or paper to nibble on. For safety reasons, avoid items with small pieces or sharp edges, and anything covered in paint, varnish, or glitter.


Choosing the right spot is very important! Your cavy will probably be uneasy if he’s out in the open. The little guy will also be uncomfortable near loud noises, so don’t put him in front of a TV or stereo, either. You also want to avoid putting your Guinea pig in direct sunlight or drafty areas. A family room or living room is ideal.

Do you have questions about caring for your cavy? Call us today! As your local Sugar Land, TX animal clinic, we are here to help!

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