National Pet Week

Did you know that the first week in May is National Pet Week? While we think our furry friends should be loved and appreciated every day, this is a great time to give your animal companion some extra TLC. Below, a Sugar Land, TX vet offers some great suggestions for things to do this week.


Most people like to spend Sundays relaxing, or doing something fun. This is a great time to get some adorable new photos of your pet! Take a fun shot of your dog playing fetch, or get a cute picture of your kitty looking up at you. Shoot at dusk or dawn to take advantage of great natural light.


If there was a vote for least popular day, Monday would probably win by a landslide. After a long day at work, just relax with a good book or movie. This is a great chance to spend some quality time with your pet. Let Fluffy curl up on your lap, or have Fido settle in at your feet. If you have a bird, let Polly perch on your shoulder. Reptiles and smaller animals can also make great movie buddies!


Is your pet overdue for veterinary care? Most animals should see the vet at least once a year, though some may need to come in more or less often than that. Let this be a reminder to schedule your next appointment.


Getting through that mid-week point is a milestone worth celebrating! Treat your little (or not so little) buddy to a special snack. Ask your vet for specific nutritional requirements. Just be careful not to overindulge your pet with fatty treats.


Playtime! Toss a doggy toy for Fido to catch, or let Fluffy chase the dot from a laser pointer. Birds and pocket pets can also be quite playful. A new toy would not be inappropriate!


As the week winds down, pamper your pet with a good beauty session. Give Fido a bath, or brush Fluffy’s coat. For other types of animals, ask your vet for specific grooming advice.


Many people like to get some housework done on Saturdays. Wash your pet’s bedding, or, if your animal companion lives in a cage, give their habitat a thorough cleaning.

Do you have any concerns about your pet’s health or care? Call us, your Sugar Land, TX veterinary clinic, today!

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