6 Adorable Things You Didn’t Know About Your Cat’s Paws

If you’ve had your kitty for a while, you’ve probably gotten to know her pretty well. You may know exactly how and when Fluffy likes to be petted, what her favorite toys and treats are, and where she’s most likely to curl up for a nap. However, if there is one thing we know about our feline friends, it’s that they are full of secrets … some of which are super cute! In this article, a local Sugar Land, TX vet lists some adorable things you may not know about your cat’s paws.

Fluffy Has Whiskers On Her Paws

We all know about those adorable whiskers on kitties’ faces, but did you know that cats also have whiskers on their paws? These help Fluffy keep her balance, and sense approaching objects or footsteps.

Teddy Bear Paw Pads

Look at your furball’s paw pads upside down. If you look closely, you may notice that they vaguely resemble a teddy bear.

Rightie or Leftie?

Just like people, kitties all tend to use one paw more than the other. Female kitties are usually right-pawed, while boy cats tend to be lefties. Put a small object on a coffee table, and wait for Fluffy to bat at it. Whichever paw she uses is probably her dominant one.

Paw Sweat

Did you know that cats can only sweat through their paw pads? Those cute furry feet are one of the only ways kitties can regulate their temperature.

Claw Curves

Those sharp little nails are curved in a way that helps Fluffy climb up things. This is very helpful for kitties that are running up trees to escape predators! Because of that curve, going up is easy. Going down? Not so much. Cats have to be taught how to climb down things. (This is why our feline friends sometimes get stuck in trees.)

Furball Broadcast

Did you know that Fluffy’s paws contain scent glands? Our feline friends use these scents to communicate with other kitties. So, when cats scratch trees in the wild, they’re not just sharpening their claws: they’re also broadcasting information to other furballs. Think of it as a sort of kitty social media status update.

Is Fluffy due for vaccinations or an exam? We are here to help! Call us, your Sugar Land, TX for all of your feline friend’s veterinary care needs.

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