Hypoallergenic Exotic Pets

It can be heartbreaking for people who are prevented from owning a dog or cat thanks to allergies. Luckily, there are other options! The realm of exotic pets is one you may not have considered; learn more below from your vet in Sugar Land, TX.

Reptiles and Amphibians

Reptile and amphibian pets—snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs, etc.—don’t give off dander the way dogs or cats do, so they’re entirely hypoallergenic. Plus, these pets live in a terrarium, keeping any allergy inducing substances properly contained. Yes, some reptiles shed their skin, but this shouldn’t cause a reaction. Ask your vet for more information on the care of reptile and amphibian pets.


Fish, of course, are immersed in water. This means that you don’t have any chance of experiencing an allergic reaction to your pet! Sure, fish can’t exactly be cuddled or petted, but they are fascinating to care for and observe. There are many varieties of fish available to be kept as pets; ask your veterinarian for specifics and tank requirements.


It goes without saying that arachnid pets like tarantulas and scorpions aren’t for everyone. If you’re not squeamish about this sort of thing, though, an arachnid can make a wonderful—and completely hypoallergenic—pet! Your new addition will also be the most unique pet to be found anywhere. Your veterinarian can tell you more about the specific care requirements of spiders and scorpions, so call today.


Ferrets, while mammalian, are actually related to weasels and don’t give off dander like other pets their size. Ferrets can make wonderful, curious, affectionate pets for the right family—they can even be trained! If you’d like to know more about the habitat, diet, and socialization of ferrets, give your veterinarian’s office a call today to learn more.

Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs are entirely hypoallergenic and make wonderful first-time pets for young children. While hermit crabs aren’t the most interactive pet out there, they’re extremely easy to care for and are, all things considered, one of the most low-maintenance pets you can get. Their intricate and colorful shell patterns are also a lot of fun!

Are you thinking of adopting a new pet into your household? Would you like more information and insight on hypoallergenic exotic pet options and where to find your next family pet? Contact your Sugar Land, TX animal hospital today to speak with a pet-care professional.

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