Holiday Gifts for Bunnies

Do you plan on getting your pet holiday gifts this year? This can be quite simple for people with dogs and pets, but bunny owners may find shopping for their furballs a bit more challenging. We are here to help! In this article from a Sugar Land, TX vet, you’ll read about some great holiday gift ideas for bunnies.

Bigger Cage

Do you have room to give Floppy a bigger cage? If so, this would be a great gift for her! Bunnies need room to hop, stand up, stretch out, and play without tripping over their belongings. If you choose a wire cage, just be sure to get one with a solid bottom, as wire floors can hurt those cute little paws.


It’s no secret that bunnies love to chew! In fact, if Floppy doesn’t chew enough, she could develop serious dental trouble. Offer your adorable pet wicker, wood, or paper products to nibble on. Cardboard items and woven mats are also good options. Just be sure to avoid things that have been painted, dyed, or varnished, as well as anything with small parts that could choke your pet. Ask your vet for more information.


Why not make Floppy a little obstacle course? You can make your cute little pet a fun playground out of baskets, footstools, tunnels, and boxes.


Bunnies love to play in boxes! Give your rabbit a simple cardboard box, with holes cut into it for doors and windows. You can even make Floppy a little box maze!


Most of our animal companions love to eat. Floppy is no different! You can make your furry buddy lots of fun food toys. Crumple up a piece of paper around a yummy snack, or use clothespins to hang leafy greens from a twine ‘clothesline’ strung between two chairs. Ask your vet for specific advice on safe bunny treats.


Bunnies are super playful and curious. Make sure you’re giving your furball plenty of fun toys to keep her amused. This can be as simple as stuffing Timothy hay in a paper lunch bag, or giving your pet wooden blocks or spoons. Ask your vet for more information on safe and suitable toys for your furry little pal.

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your Sugar Land, TX vet clinic, for all your bunny’s veterinary care needs. We are always happy to help!

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