Thanksgiving with Dogs

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? We are! This is a wonderful time to enjoy a good home cooked meal with friends and family. Chances are, your canine buddy will be right in the midst of things, tail wagging, perhaps trying to score some yummy treats or extra belly rubs from your guests. After all, Fido is family too! Along with turkey, stuffing, casseroles, and all the other traditional holiday trappings, Thanksgiving does bring some dangers for pet parents to be aware of. A local Sugar Land, TX veterinarian offers tips on celebrating Turkey Day with Fido in this article.


There’s no reason Fido can’t also enjoy some special treats on Turkey Day. Just be careful what you feed your canine buddy. Avoid giving your furry pal any meat that is still on the bone. Bones, especially cooked bones, are actually very dangerous for dogs, as they are quite brittle and can break and choke your pet, or damage his digestive system. You should also avoid giving your pooch anything that contains garlic, chives, onions, or scallions; grapes, raisins, or currants; avocados; chocolate; macadamia nuts; or xylitol. Caffeine, alcohol, raw dough, and junk food are on the no-no list as well. Choose healthy treats, such as cooked, unseasoned meat or small bits of cheese. Plain, cooked string beans, carrots, or potatoes are also safe.


Does your dog sometimes jump on people as they arrive? This is bad doggy manners, so work with your pooch to teach him better petiquette. In the short term, you can avoid the issue by keeping Fido crated, or in a quiet back room with toys, food, and bedding, as people are arriving.


Pets and fire don’t mix! Place candles and potpourri burners well out of your canine pal’s reach, and use grates on fireplaces. We also recommend getting a trashcan that closes securely, in case Fido tries to snag leftovers out of the garbage.

Keeping Fido Calm

Is your furry friend full of energy? Before your visitors arrive, bring Fido for a long walk, and indulge him in a game of fetch or tag. This will tire your furry buddy out a bit, leaving you with a slightly calmer pooch.

All of us here at your local Sugar Land, TX veterinary clinic, want to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving. Please contact us for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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