Dog Walking Etiquette 101

All things considered, walking your canine companion is one of the easier aspects of dog ownership. However, there are several considerations to make before snapping on the leash and heading out! Below, your Sugar Land, TX veterinarian gives you a few tips on dog-walking etiquette.

Clean Up After Your Pooch

Bring along a few plastic baggies on each and every walk you take with your dog. Leaving your dog’s droppings where they lay is not only rude, it’s unsanitary: dog feces can carry parasites and disease, and can potentially infect other pets or young children who play near it. Plus, it’s illegal to leave your dog’s droppings in some municipalities and public zones! Be respectful and sanitary; pick up after your dog during walks.

Use a Leash

Even if your dog is well-trained, it’s best to use a leash during walks to be safe. Occasionally, even very obedient dogs can be startled by loud noises or give chase after a squirrel suddenly appears. You don’t want your dog to dart out into traffic! In addition, some areas require dogs to be on-leash at all times; you don’t want to be caught unprepared.

Teach Basic Commands

Any dog who goes out in public will benefit from the knowledge of a few basic commands, like “sit,” “here,” or “stay.” A basic recall command (“come,” “here,” etc.) is essential on walks in the event your dog tries to dart off after a passerby, another pet, or a wild animal.

Wondering how to get started with basic command training? Call your veterinarian’s office for a crash course in dog training, and see if your pooch might benefit from the help of a professional animal trainer or behaviorist.

Respect Others’ Space

Remember: not everyone is as much of a dog-lover as you are! Some people simply don’t like dogs, or they may be afraid of them. It’s not appropriate to allow your pooch—however friendly he may be—to go up to just anyone on the street. Always ask passerby if they’re okay with having your dog greet them before he does so; this is especially essential with regards to children who may be extremely uncomfortable around dogs.

Would you like more advice on walking your dog? Does your pooch need an examination, vaccinations, or preventative medications? Give your veterinarian in Sugar Land, TX a call today for all of your canine companion’s health needs.

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