How to Turn Your Patio Into a Catio

Do you have a screened porch or patio? If so, why not make it into a catio? This will give your kitty a way to get a taste of the outdoors, while keeping her safe and sound inside. A local Sugar Land, TX vet offers advice on building a catio in this article.

Fun Furniture

A screened porch or patio is a great place for cat furniture. Consider pampering your feline buddy by getting her a fun, multi-level cat tower. Kitty condos, tents, and tunnels are also good options. If you really want to spoil your cat, use shelves and a bit of elbow grease to create a cat walk.

Napping Spot

Comfy napping spots are a must for any catio. Consider adding kitty beds or hammocks for your furry friend. Of course, Fluffy also won’t hesitate to get comfortable on your patio furniture.


Bring the outside in by adding non-toxic plants. Your furball will enjoy peeking out through the leaves. We strongly recommend discouraging rough play, but even well-mannered kitties like to pretend they’re ferocious hunters and dash out at you! Check the ASPCA website here for a full list of safe and unsafe plants.

Fun Activities

Our feline friends love to play! Give Fluffy lots of fun toys. Catnip mice, little palls, feather toys, and other classic kitty playthings are great. You can also find some neat interactive cat toys for your feline friend.

Live Entertainment

To keep your kitty entertained, install a bird feeder in your yard, so she can watch the neighborhood birds come and go. For the health and safety of our feathered friends, we only recommend this if Fluffy is an indoor cat.


No kitty spa is complete without a feline manicure station! Add a few scratching posts or boards, so Fluffy can do her nails. Look for things that are tall and sturdy enough to allow her to stretch on them.


Do you want to really spoil your cat? Add some empty boxes, or install a kitty water fountain. You can also grow catnip or cat grass for your furball. Remember, even if you turn your patio into a catio, your furry buddy will likely allow you to enjoy it as well!

Do you have questions about your kitty’s health or care? Call us, your local Sugar Land, TX vet clinic, anytime!

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