Cute Ideas for Photographing Your Pocket Pet

Do you have a tiny furball for a pet? Gerbils, hamsters, and Guinea pigs can make wonderful animal companions. These little guys are super cute, but capturing those adorable faces in pictures can be a bit tricky. A Sugar Land, TX vet offers some advice for photographing pocket pets in this article.


One fun option is to add a cute background. Check your pet store for cheap aquarium or terrarium backgrounds. You may be able to get a picture of your tiny furball in a desert or forest, or even on the moon! Or, for a fun holiday picture, add seasonal décor to the outside of your little one’s tank.

Camera Settings

Choosing the right camera settings can make all the difference. If your camera has a macro setting, use that. If not, experiment with the zoom option.


If you’re taking your little one’s picture while he’s in his cage, shoot at an angle. Aiming your camera right at the tank glass may cause a reflective glare.


Consider adding some cute props. Children’s toys may work very well. You can give your tiny furball a tea party, or put him in a little car. Miniature hats and sports items are also good options. Just be sure to put your furry pal’s safety first. Don’t use anything that could choke or entangle him, or items coated with toxic dyes or inks. Supervise your little one closely, and remove any props after the shoot. You don’t want your pet eating his props!


Pocket pets are super cute when they are eating! Consider giving your little one a special snack, and shooting while they’re nibbling.


Another cute trick is to take a picture of your pet while they are playing. Give your tiny furball a small cardboard box or the tube from a toilet paper roll.

Multiple Shots

Make sure to take plenty of shots! You may go through several bad photos to get one good one.


Once you’ve taken a bunch of pictures, use an editing program to fine-tune them. A shot that you didn’t think came out well may make a great close-up!

Do you have questions about caring for your pocket pet? We are here to help! As your Sugar Land, TX vet clinic, we are happy to serve all of your furry pal’s veterinary care needs.

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