How to Stop Play Aggression in Cats

Does your furball sometimes attack you playfully? Some kitties think it’s great fun to pounce on people. It may be fun for Fluffy, but not for us: those little claws hurt! If your furball is prone to aggressive play, read these tips from a local Sugar Land, TX vet.

Entertain Your Cat

Kitty play is often hunting behavior, so keep your furball’s inner huntress sated by offering a variety of fun playthings. Also, make sure Fluffy has at least one good window seat, a place where she can relax and watch wildlife or people. Spending time each day playing with your cat using interactive toys will also help. This will burn off excess energy and tire your furry pal out, so she’ll be more interested in catching some Z’s than your toes!

Just Say No

No one is entirely certain just how much human language cats understand. That said, we suspect that our feline friends understand certain phrases, like ‘Get out of there!’ and ‘Are you hungry?’ perfectly well. When Fluffy attacks you, say ‘No’ firmly, and tell her to put her claws away. Then, walk away, and ignore her. These tactics won’t work overnight, but over time, your kitty should get the hint.

Don’t Tease

Wiggling your fingers or tapping your foot may be taken as an open invitation for playtime from a bright-eyed, fluffy-tailed ball of energy. Avoid glove toys, or anything that encourages your cat to attack your hands or feet. If you happen to have fuzzy bunny slippers, keep them in the closet! If Fluffy is a kitten, teach her proper manners from the start.

Play Vs. Aggression

Know the difference between play and true aggression. If Fluffy is hissing, or has her ears flattened back against her head, she isn’t playful: she’s angry. At the other end of the spectrum, if your cat is only lightly biting you, and not really using her claws, she’s at least trying to play gently.

Stay Positive

Punishment rarely works with animals, and often backfires. Never slap or hit your cat: she could become frightened of you, or feel threatened and attack even harder. Ignore Fluffy when she’s being bad, and pamper her with praise, treats, and cuddles when she’s being sweet.

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