Doggy Exercise Tips

Does your pooch spend most of his time sleeping or napping? Is your canine pal beginning to look a bit round? If so, Fido might need a little bit more exercise. In this article, a local Sugar Land, TX, veterinarian offers some helpful doggy exercise tips.

Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is just as good for our canine pals as it is for us. Getting Fido moving is not just important to his physical health; it’s also great for his emotional well-being. Pups that don’t get enough activity are much more prone to behavioral issues, such as digging, chewing, rough play, and hyperactivity. Dogs that do get enough exercise, however, tend to be calmer, happier, and better behaved.

Finding the Right Exercise

All dogs are different, and what may be great for a Labrador Retriever may not work for a Chihuahua. Small dogs will tire out more easily than their larger counterparts will, as they have to work much harder to cover the same amount of ground on those little legs. Dogs with pushed in faces, like Bulldogs, can’t pant as effectively as those with longer snouts can, so if you have a Pug, for instance, be careful not to overexert him.

Appropriate Exercise

Dogs are more naturally more prone to sprints than marathons, so jogging isn’t always the best way to get your pooch moving. Instead, try alternating walking and running. Generally, daily walks, plus regular sessions of more vigorous activity, will help keep Fido agile and healthy. Many of our canine pals also love swimming. If Fido enjoys the water, taking him swimming is a great way to get him moving.

What Works For You

If you can’t partake in strenuous activity yourself, choose exercise methods that keep your pooch moving while you stand still. Fetch is great for this. Another way to get your pup off the couch is to use a laser pointer, and have him chase it around.

No matter what type of exercise you choose, be sure to put Fido’s safety first. Ask your vet for specific recommendations based on Fido’s age, weight, health, and breed. Don’t overexert your pooch, and be extra careful not to push a senior dog or puppy too far. Offer your pooch plenty of water, and don’t over-exercise him in hot weather.

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