Choosing a Dog Bed

Does your canine buddy have a doggy bed? If not, we definitely recommend getting him one! Fido might be perfectly comfortable on the couch, but he’ll still appreciate a bed of his own. There are many different types of doggy beds available today. When it comes to buying furniture for Fido, there are many factors to consider, such as your dog’s age, breed, and size. In this article, a Sugar Land vet offers tips on choosing doggy beds.

Basic Beds

A basic bed is usually rectangular, and more or less resembles a giant pillow. If your dog tends to sprawl out and stretch while he’s dozing, he may like a basic bed. These beds also make great padding for Fido’s doggy crate!

Orthopedic Beds

If your dog is getting up there in years, we strongly recommend getting him a good orthopedic bed. The extra support will really help him sleep more comfortably. Orthopedic beds are also a good choice for bigger dogs: a large pooch can flatten out a regular doggy bed in no time!

Bolstered Beds

Bolstered beds have raised edges, so they form a little barrier around your dog. If your pooch likes to use something as a pillow when he’s sleeping, he may like a bolstered bed. Small and toy dog breeds often like bolstered beds. The ‘walls’ make these beds seem like little dens, which makes our canine pals feel safe and secure.

Slumber Ball Beds

Some dogs like to make themselves little ‘nests’ out of pillows and blankets before lying down for a snooze. If Fido has a habit of doing this, consider a slumber ball bed. They’re similar to beanbags, so your canine friend will be able to rearrange his bed to his liking before each nap.

Other Features

Once you’ve narrowed down a style of bed, there are still a few things to consider. If your canine pal has a penchant for eating things that aren’t food, check and see what material the stuffing is made of. While no kind of bed stuffing is actually good for dogs, organic, non-toxic materials are somewhat safer than chemically treated stuffing. Covering is also important. Removable covers are much easier to wash!

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