Strange Ways Your Cat Shows Affection

Kitties have many wonderful qualities that make them fantastic pets. These enchanting little furballs are super cute, very clean, and quite playful. Cats are also known for being very affectionate, at least when they feel like it. When it comes to showing their love, our feline friends certainly do like to do things their own way. In this article, your Sugar Land vet lists some strange ways your cat shows her affection.

Following You Into The Bathroom

With the exception of girls’ nights out at the club, most of us generally prefer to go to the bathroom alone. Nevertheless, kitties quite frequently trail their humans into the lavatory, or, if denied access, reach those cute little paws under the door. Maybe Fluffy suspects you are secretly keeping another cat in there?

Chewing On You

Gnawing on someone’s finger is, fortunately, not a common sign of affection. In Fluffy’s mind, however, this is a perfectly acceptable method of showing her love. Have we mentioned the fact that cats are a bit quirky?

Attacking Your Feet

Scratching and biting are typically considered signs of aggression when it comes to animal behavior, but kitties go against the grain on this one. Fluffy may very well hide behind a couch or chair, waiting for you to walk past so she can attack. Affectionately, of course.


You probably don’t want a dead mouse, but your devoted little furball never got that memo. Regardless of your opinion on the matter, Fluffy will likely be extremely proud of her present. There’s no point in arguing, so just compliment your ferocious feline and discretely dispose of her thoughtful gift.

Tripping You

Does Fluffy have a penchant for running in front of you as you’re walking through the house? Kitty isn’t trying to make you fall: she’s just showing her love. If she does this when you’re on or near stairs, it means she really adores you.


There are few things as cozy as settling down with a good book or movie, a hot beverage, and a cuddly cat. At least, until said cat starts kneading you with her claws. This might be slightly painful, but it’s yet one more strange way your cat shows how much she adores you.

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