9 Secrets to a Happy Bunny

Do you have a pet bunny? Rabbits are adorable and popular pets. While bunnies aren’t necessarily difficult to care for, they do have some very specific needs. In this article, your Sugar Land vet lists 10 secrets to keeping your bunny happy.


In order for a bunny to grow up tame and friendly, she’ll need to be properly socialized. Put the time in when your pet is young!

Veterinary Care

Your bunny should be spayed or neutered while young. This will help prevent many behavioral problems, and will result in a healthier, happier pet. Bring your bunny to the vet for annual checkups and dental exams, and stay current with any needed vaccinations.


Bunnies are very curious and intelligent. Combine this with your pet’s need to chew, and you’ll find that bunnyproofing is a must! Keep your pet safe by carefully bunnyproofing any rooms your furball will have access to.

A Great Habitat

Since your pet will spend a great deal of time in her cage, make sure his habitat is comfy and cozy, and offers enough room. Your furball should be able to hop, turn around, stand up, stretch out, and play without bumping into her food dishes or litterbox.

Plenty of Toys

Give your pet plenty of toys to keep her entertained. Many of your furry pal’s toys should be chewable. Wood, paper, cardboard, and straw toys are all great choices for bunnies. Change your furball’s toys out often to keep things fun and interesting!

Great Diet

Your bunny’s main diet should be based on hay and pellets. You’ll need to supplement these things with fruits and veggies to round out your furball’s nutritional needs.


Most pets love treats, and bunnies are no exception! You may find your furry little pal has a sweet tooth. A few raisings, a piece of dried banana, or a grape are good treats for your furball.


Rabbits need time outside of their cage each day. Make sure to give your bunny a daily ‘recess’ in a bunnyproofed area.


In order for your bunny to truly feel happy, you’ll want to make sure your furball feels loved. Pet your furball, talk to her, and play with her.

Does your bunny need a checkup or dental exam? Please contact us, your local Sugar Land vet clinic, for all of your rabbit care needs.

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