How to Entertain Your Pet Hamster

Are you considering getting a pet hamster? These cute little furballs are very popular pocket pets. Hamsters are very gentle, super cute, easy to care for, and lots of fun to watch. It’s no surprise that they are often first pets for children. Just like any other pocket pet, hamsters need stimulation to keep from getting bored. In this article, your local vet Stafford goes over some options on how to keep your pet hamster entertained.

Mazes and Tunnels

In the wild, hamsters build some rather elaborate maze complexes. Hammie will definitely have fun exploring a maze of his own. You can buy pre-made hamster tunnels, or build your own out of PVC pipes or even the cardboard tubes from paper towel rolls. Rearranging them regularly will keep them fresh and new, and help keep your furry little buddy from getting tired of them.

Exercise Wheels

Exercise wheels are a staple when it comes to keeping pocket pets entertained and in good shape. Adding an exercise wheel to Hammie’s cage will give him a built-in option for fun and exercise. Just be sure to choose a wheel with a solid bottom. Avoid getting a wire wheel, as they can hurt your pet’s little feet.


Runabouts are another fun way to entertain your little furball. Make sure to get one that is safe for hamsters! Give the little one about 15 minutes of playtime in his little wheel to start. Don’t let Hammie roll around in any areas near stairs or pools, and keep him away from Fido and Fluffy.


There are many different things little Hammie will enjoy playing with. Many toys made for cats are suitable for hamsters. Little balls, for instance, are often quite fun for hamsters. You can also give the little one chew toys, or even the cardboard from toilet paper rolls.


Last but not least, don’t forget to rearrange Hammie’s cage every now and then to keep it interesting. We recommend doing this when you give your little buddy’s habitat a thorough cleaning and put fresh bedding down. This should be done about once a week.

Do you have questions about your hamster’s care, health, or behavior? Please contact us at any time. We are here to help with all of your pet care needs.

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