How to Keep Your Guinea Pig Happy

Guinea pigs are very cute little animals, and are very popular as pocket pets. Being a responsible pet owner means giving your animal friend a proper diet and habitat, and health care when needed, but to truly make your pet happy, you’ll also want to provide stimulation and some comfort items. In this article, your local veterinarian Stafford goes over some basics on how to keep a Guinea pig happy.


Giving your Guinea pig a proper habitat is key to making sure your pet is happy and comfortable. Guinea pigs need plenty of room to run around, so make sure you have at least 7.5 square feet for each piggy. Bigger is definitely better when it comes to pocket pet cages, however, so your little buddy will appreciate a larger cage. Your pet will also need at least one hidey-hole to retreat to when he doesn’t feel like being out in the open.

Everyone Needs Friends!

Guinea pigs are very sociable creatures, and are generally much happier if they have a little buddy. You’ll also get to enjoy the cuteness of your two little furballs cuddling and playing together!

Toys Are Fun!

Guinea pigs are naturally curious and inquisitive, and need lots of stimulation. You wouldn’t want to sit in a bare cage all day either, would you? Keep your Guinea pig’s life and cage fun and exciting by providing plenty of toys. You can use store-bought toys, or make your own out of things you have around the house, such as paper-towel rolls and cardboard boxes.


Living in a cage can get boring, even with toys, so Guinea pigs need a change of scenery sometimes. Make sure your pet gets time outside of his cage. You may even be able to teach your Guinea pig to walk on a leash, so you can take him for a walk on nice days!


Since your Guinea pig will spend most of his time in his cage, put some thought into where his habitat should go. Guinea pigs have very sensitive ears, so they won’t be happy beside a TV or speaker. You also don’t want to put your little pet in a place that is drafty or cold, but he won’t be comfortable right in front of a heater, either.


Guinea pigs love to eat! Enrich your pet’s diet and lifestyle by supplementing his basic food with appropriate treats, such as fruits, veggies, and herbs. Just make sure to always research a new food and make sure it is safe for your pet before feeding it to him.

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