Fun Tricks You Can Teach Your Bird

We’ve all heard of birds that talk, but did you know that birds can actually learn all sorts of different tricks? You might find your bird quite entertaining, even when he’s just being himself, but if you want to really have some fun with your little pet, why not show him a few tricks? In this article, your local vet Stafford goes over some cute tricks you can show your pet bird.

Hop On

Teaching your bird to hop on to your finger on command is not only cute, it’s very useful! This trick also serves as a foundation for lots of other adorable tricks you can teach your bird. Choose a time when your little feathered friend is happy and relaxed. Put your index finger in front of him, and gently touch your bird’s belly with your finger. Use your forearm instead if your bird is large. Tell your bird to ‘Hop on’ or ‘Step Up’. Sooner or later he will, and when he does, immediately reward him with a special treat.


To teach your pet how to wave, you’ll first want to be sure he is thoroughly trained to ‘Hop On’. Once he’s mastered this basic trick, you can teach him how to wave. Put your bird on his perch, and extend your finger. Your bird will think he is supposed to hop on. When you see that little foot move, pull away and say ‘Wave’, then give your bird a treat. It’s a little out of order, but with some repetition, your pet will catch the hang of it.

Play Dead

This cute trick takes time and patience, and requires that your bird completely trust you. You’ll need to start by getting your bird to let you hold him by his back on your lap. When he does, you can fine-tune the trick, and add the vocal command.

Other fun bird tricks include putting coins in a piggy bank, riding a little car, giving kisses, shaking hands, and turning in circles. You can also teach your pet to run a flag up a little flagpole, turn to the left or right, or even roll over!

You’ll need to make sure your bird is completely socialized and tame before trying to teach him any tricks, and always choose a time and place where your bird feels relaxed, safe, and happy. Consistency is key! You don’t want to bore your feathered buddy with extended training sessions, so schedule a few minutes a day for ‘school’ so your bird learns to anticipate and look forward to this part of his daily routine.

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