Take a Glimpse at Your Dog’s Grooming Appointment

Your newly adopted cocker spaniel Peaches really needs a trip to the groomer. While you’ve given Peaches a good daily brushing, her coat looks a bit scraggly and she definitely needs a bath. Also, since Peaches is visiting her veterinarian from Stafford soon, you’d like this sharp-looking girl to make her best appearance. Since you haven’t had experience with professional grooming services, you’re curious about what to expect from Peaches’ beauty salon appointment. Read more about a typical grooming session below.

Friendly, Efficient Greeting

Dog grooming salons and human hair salons operate differently. While Peaches has a confirmed appointment, she won’t receive all her beauty services right away. You’ll drop off your canine client on time, and you’ll arrange to retrieve her several hours later.

Once the salon’s receptionist greets you, she’ll ask about specific grooming instructions. If Peaches needs a medicated or specialty shampoo, bring it along. If the vet wants you to keep water out of Peaches’ ears, relay that request, too. Perhaps you’d like Peaches’ coat trimmed in a certain style. Here’s your chance to express your wishes. Next, an assistant will take Peaches to the work area. While Peaches might receive her pre-bath preparation work immediately, she might also relax in her kennel while she awaits her turn.

Essential Bath Prep Work

First, Peaches will receive a vigorous brushout designed to clear her coat of debris and mats. Otherwise, the bath water will cement each mat into a solid furry blob that’s impossible to dislodge without hurting your pooch. If Peaches’ coat is woefully matted, the groomer might shave her very short rather than cause Peaches pain. Finally, Peaches’ groomer will clip her nails and should gently clean her ears.

Anal Gland Expression

Now we get to Peaches’ smelly anal gland expression, which always takes place in the tub. The groomer will empty Peaches’ anal glands, two small fluid-packed glands that generally empty when Peaches poops. While both Peaches and the groomer would rather avoid this exercise, regularly emptying your dog’s anal glands reduces the chances of future medical problems.

Luxurious Spa Treatment

Finally, Peaches gets that warm, delightful bath she’s been eagerly waiting for. Peaches will get a pleasant-smelling shampoo, a nice coat massage, and a thorough rinse. Peaches’ groomer will carefully dry her coat with a hand-held or kennel dryer. Finally, Peaches will receive the finishing touch: a good brushout and a professional finish clip. She might even receive a spritz of cologne and/or a colorful bandanna or bow.

When Peaches visits her Stafford vet, he’ll meet a beautiful dog who’s pleased with her appearance and happy to receive a new lease on life.

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