Exercising Your Indoor Cat

Indoor cats need their exercise like any other pet. You may wonder how to get your cat active without venturing outside—look no further than your Sugar Land vet’s helpful guidelines, found below:

Mice and Bird Toys

Any cat, indoor or out, loves to hunt and stalk “prey.” This is because such behavior is ingrained naturally. Indulge your pet’s instincts by using fake mice or bird toys to get her moving. She’ll love stalking these pesky little items, pouncing on them with claws extended. Some toys are even the wind-up variety and can move along by themselves, further enticing your cat!

String, Yarn, Ribbon

For indoor activity on a budget, simply dangle a piece of string, yarn, rope, or ribbon in front of your cat. Even the most stoic cats will probably leap up, trying to catch the thing and teach it a lesson. It’s important to remember not to leave the string on the floor once playtime is over, though. Cats can continue to play with these items, getting tangled up or even accidentally swallowing them. Put your cat’s playtoy somewhere she can’t get to it until the next scheduled session.

Jungle Gyms

Cat jungle gyms are widely available in pet supply shops, vet’s offices, and retail stores. They provide hours of fun for cats, and many come with built-in scratching posts and toys. Since cats enjoy surveying their domain from a higher perspective, taller jungle gyms work well for many felines. Ask your vet to recommend a quality brand.

Laser Light Toys

Laser light toys shine a small point of light wherever you aim it, and just about every cat will go wild trying to track it down. Some lasers even shine the light in the shape of an insect, mouse, or bird, further whetting your cat’s appetite for the hunt! Always take care not to shine the light directly in your cat’s eyes, though.

Want more fun tips for exercising your indoor cat? Talk to your Sugar Land vet today.

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