How to Puppy-Proof Your Home

Bringing a new puppy into your home can be quite like introducing a small tornado. Keep your puppy’s health and your home’s cleanliness in check by puppy-proofing your house beforehand. Use these tips from a Sugar Land veterinarian.

Check Rooms for Physical Hazards

Check through each room in your home that your puppy will spend time in. Tie down loose wires, eliminate any small spaces, close toilet lids, put away sharp items, check for toxic flowers or plants, and put cleaning chemicals away in a sealed closet. Ask your vet about more potential hazards that a pup could get into and how you can negate the risk.

Secure Medicine Cabinets

Medicine cabinets, especially those close to the floor, can be danger hotspots for pets. Many common medications in the typical home—aspirin, antidepressants, prescription pills, over-the-counter medicine, and more—are quite toxic to pups. Never leave medications where a puppy could discover them, instead securing cabinet and closet doors tightly.

Clean the Counters

Leaving harmful foods out on kitchen counters and tabletops can be a recipe for disaster. Many common human foods are toxic to pets: onions, grapes and raisins, avocado, chocolate, candy, alcohol, salty items, fatty scraps, and more are common offenders. If your pup is the type to explore, make sure he won’t find anything even if he can manage to reach the countertop.

Save Your Valuables

Check your home for valuable and breakable items, and store them securely where a puppy can’t knock them over. You may simply need to put these items away until your pup is a bit older and much calmer. Remember to pick up items off the floor that you don’t want chewed—shoes, purses, toys, and anything else left on the floor is at risk!

Family Meeting

Schedule a quick family meeting before you bring home your pup. Make sure all family members know about feeding times, playing regimens, commands, and rules of the home. This way, your pup is getting consistent information from all his owners.

You’re not alone in your quest to raise a well-behaved puppy—ask your Sugar Land veterinarian for more great tips as you start this challenging and exciting chapter of your life.

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