Immunizations for Your Kitten

August is Immunization Awareness Month—do you know what shots your kitten needs to stay healthy? Learn about them below from a Stafford veterinary professional.

Rhinotracheitis Vaccine

Feline viral rhinotracheitis, or FVR, is a very contagious respiratory virus. Cats who become infected are carriers for life, even with full recoveries, meaning they can pass it on to healthy cats at any time. The best way to avoid this dangerous virus is to have your cat vaccinated early on.

Calicivirus Vaccine

Calicivirus is another respiratory virus, and it’s also very contagious. Symptoms include oral ulcers, pneumonia, blisters, and even death if veterinary care is not received. There’s no cure for calicivirus, only supportive measures, so the vaccine is especially important. Talk to your veterinarian for more information about this particularly hazardous virus.

Distemper Vaccine

We often hear about distemper in dogs, but it can very easily affect cats as well. The distemper vaccine is one of the most common vaccinations for cats, and is almost always given in a kitten’s batch of core vaccinations. Symptoms of distemper include diarrhea, vomiting, depression, fever, loss of appetite, dehydration, and more, so it’s very important to vaccinate your cat early on in life.

Feline Leukemia Vaccine

Feline leukemia is very dangerous because it affects your cat’s immune system, weakening it to the point that it can’t fight off common infections. Even worse, it’s easily spread through cat-to-cat contact like sharing of food dishes or fighting. The leukemia vaccination is essential, so talk to your vet if your feline friend hasn’t received it.

Rabies Vaccine

We’ve all heard of the rabies vaccine. It’s one of the most important immunizations out there. Rabies is a virus that affects the central nervous system, and it’s especially hazardous because it can be transmitted from animals directly to humans. Keep your cat’s well-being and the public’s health in mind, and get your cat the rabies vaccine as soon as possible.

Your Stafford veterinarian can answer any further questions you have about your kitten’s immunizations, and get your pet the shots she needs. Make an appointment today!

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