Do Hedgehogs Make Good Family Pets?

Perhaps you’re considering getting a hedgehog as an alternative to the more standard cat or dog. You’ll probably want to know if they’ll make a good family pet, especially if you have children. Learn more from a Sugarland veterinarian here.

Consider Your Lifestyle

For many families, hedgehogs work great—they don’t require another hedgehog companion to be happy, they’re awake during parts of the day and night so they won’t keep you up, and they don’t need a lot of room. Their cage can fit almost anywhere in the house. If you live in a smaller area or are busy during the day, the hedgehog will probably be happy regardless, assuming you give him the care and attention he needs when you’re home.

A Word About Children

The handling of a hedgehog might be the main reason to reconsider getting one for your kids. While hedgehog quills don’t hurt if the animal is handled correctly, they can poke and hurt someone who isn’t holding him properly. If children are too young to grasp the handling requirements of the hog, you might want to consider another type of pet. Also make sure your children understand the amount of time and energy that has to go into caring for the hedgehog.

Consider the Hedgehog’s Temperament

Generally, hedgehogs are gentle, fun-loving, and quiet little animals. Their temperament may be a bit solitary at first, but they will warm up to an owner and bond with them if enough time is given. Given the right housing, dietary, and attention needs, a hedgehog will be a happy and fun little pet.

Maintenance of Hedgehogs

Generally speaking, hedgehogs are easy to care for. Their relatively low-maintenance nature makes them good family pets. Hedgehogs don’t make a lot of noise, save for a slight purr. They don’t need to be walked outdoors, they don’t smell, and they have no desire to chew up your furniture or shoes. As long as they have regular contact, enough food and water, and a clean living environment, they’ll be satisfied.

While they might not be the best choice for a family with young children, hedgehogs can make great pets for a family that’s willing to care for them properly. Consult your Sugarland veterinarian for his or her advice.


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