Recognizing and Treating Your Cat’s Obesity

Studies show that almost half of domestic cats are overweight. If you suspect your cat might fall into this category, read on as a Sugarland veterinarian tells you how to recognize and treat your cat’s weight problem.

How Can I Tell If My Cat is Overweight?

At home, you can try to determine if your cat weighs too much. Feel your cat’s sides and underbelly. You should be able to feel the backbone and rib bones under a thin layer of skin and fat. If you can’t feel your pet’s ribs without really pressing into the body, he’s probably too fat.

Look down on your cat from above. You should be able to see a “waist” area—the lower back should slim down into the back hips. If you just see a straight path or there’s a bulge, your cat is probably overweight. Take your cat to the vet’s office to get a professional opinion.

How Do I Slim My Cat Down?

Just as with humans, there are two proven ways for your cat to lose weight: diet and exercise. Talk to your veterinarian about putting your cat on a diet. They’ll need to consume less calories while maintaining a healthy level of vitamins and minerals. Your vet can recommend portion control or a new, healthier food choice. Don’t overdo the treats that you give your cat, and refrain from offering fatty table scraps.

In addition to diet, an increase in your cat’s physical activity will help shed the pounds. Play with your cat daily. Use toys to make sure he stays active, or try training him to take walks with you. Ask your Sugarland vet how to go about doing this.

Is There Anything Else I Can Do?

Here’s a few more helpful tips on getting your cat to lose weight. Keep your cat out of the room where your family eats—this way there will be no temptation to slip the kitty a scrap. Feed your pet several small meals throughout the day, instead of two large ones. Lastly, provide plenty of attention as a reward instead of treats. If you offer a cat treat every time your cat does something good or you want to show him love, you’ll be packing on the pounds instead!


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