Healthy Ways of Treating Your Dog

Everyone loves to treat their dog. Of course, an overabundance of fatty dog treats isn’t good for them. If you’ve ever wondered about some healthy ways to treat your dog, read on as a Sugarland veterinarian offers tips.

Non-Food Treats

Food isn’t the only way we can treat our dogs—verbal and physical praise, petting, a behind-the-ear scratch, and simple hugs are great ways to make your dog happy. Many dogs consider these simple acts a treat in and of themselves.

A fun game of fetch or tug-of-war, a quick jog, or a car ride can also be a treat for a dog who enjoys them. Try to think outside the box and consider what else your dog enjoys besides food treats.

Veggie or Fruit Treats

Not every treat has to be a dog treat or a scrap of meat. Try using veggies or fruits—many dogs enjoy carrots and other common household foods. ALWAYS check with your veterinary professional before giving your dog any fruits or veggies, though, as some could be harmful. Grapes and raisins, for instance, are toxic to dogs, so it’s always best to be safe.


Try giving your dog a scrap of fish every once in a while. It’s a nice change of pace from the standard beef or bacon scrap, and it’s usually not as fatty. Of course, it’s never wise to overdo it with fish treats, as with most “human” foods. Consult your Sugarland veterinarian for more advice on feeding your dog fish.

Healthy Commercial Treats

Many companies are now making healthy alternative dog treats that are not as calorie-packed or fatty. Many even claim health benefits like dental cleaning or digestive-aiding properties. Try giving your dog a healthier type of commercial treat—he’ll be happy with it without knowing it’s better for him! Ask your vet for his or her recommendation.


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