Feeding Your Ferret

If you are considering purchasing a ferret or you’re a new ferret owner, you’ll need to know what to feed your new furry friend. Read more here as a Stafford veterinarian discusses ferret feeding and dietary requirements.

Ferret Food

Your ferret will need to eat a high-quality ferret diet—this should be available in your local pet store or veterinarian’s office. Since ferrets are carnivores, they need a good amount of protein and fat. Make sure the food you select has appropriate amounts. Ask your Stafford veterinarian for a recommendation on a good quality ferret food.

You can also give your ferret the occasional meat snack, like bits of turkey or chicken. Consult your Stafford veterinarian before doing so to make sure you’re giving your pet a safe treat in the proper portion size.

What to Avoid

Never try to feed your ferret dog or cat food, as these products are formulated specially for those animals and won’t meet your ferret’s nutritional needs. Vegetables and fruits aren’t recommended as they may be hard to digest. Take your ferret to your Stafford veterinarian immediately if he’s ingested large amounts of something he shouldn’t have, and ask your vet more about foods your ferret will want to stay away from.


What your ferret eats from is important, too—use ceramic bowls with a sturdy base, rather than a plastic bowl which can chip, crack, or be chewed.

Make sure your ferret’s bowl isn’t anywhere near his bathroom area. Also regularly clean out the bowl, washing it with soap and water, and letting it dry thoroughly before replacing it. Ask your Stafford vet about what bowl might work well in your ferret’s enclosure.

Check for Unfinished Food

Perishable food shouldn’t be left in your ferret’s bowl or in the cage. Check for unfinished food about an hour or so after your ferret eats and remove anything you find.

Your Stafford veterinarian can fill you in on any further questions you have regarding your ferret’s diet and food requirements—don’t hesitate to ask!


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