5 Tips for Grieving the Loss of a Pet

As an experienced Fort Bend vet office, we’ve seen our fair share of people experiencing the loss of a beloved pet. It’s heartbreaking each and every time. For many pet owners and their families, losing an animal companion can easily be compared to the loss of a human loved one, and getting through the experience can be extremely difficult. That said, we thought we’d share a few helpful tips on getting through the grieving process and memorializing your beloved pet.

Allow Yourself to Grieve – For people who have never been close to an animal, it can seem silly to see someone crying over the loss of their pet. But for those of us who have been there, it’s not. Allow yourself to feel the emotions you’re experiencing and give yourself time to heal. There’s no magical formula for grieving the loss of a loved one, so be kind to yourself and take your time.

Take Care of Yourself – Since your four-legged friend passed on, it can seem hard to concentrate on or care about anything. It’s important to remember that things like eating right and sleeping well are essential to your getting through this time and beginning to heal.

Avoid People Who Don’t Understand – You know the kind – the ones who say things like, “Oh, he was just a dog” or “Why don’t you just go get another one?”….Not everyone understands the human-animal bond as well as you and your Fort Bend vet. Try to avoid these types of people or just don’t bring up the subject of your loss when you’re around them. It will only bring you down.

Get Support – You’re certainly not alone in the feelings you’re experiencing, so don’t isolate yourself. Talk to a friend or family member that has been through the loss of a pet, or ask your Fort Bend vet if there is a support group they could recommend.

Create a Memorial – When you’re feeling up to it, try honoring your pet through creativity. Put together a scrapbook, compile a video montage or create a memory box to keep all of the special things that remind you of your pet. It may be hard now, but someday soon this memorial will become a source of joy instead of grief.

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