Dr. Walter

Owner, Veterinarian

From the time she was three years old, Dr. Walter remembers being deeply bonded to her dogs, cats, and horse. The unconditional love that these pets shared with her inspired her to pursue a career in veterinary medicine!

Dr. Walter was raised in Pearland, Texas. She truly learned the veterinary profession from the ground up—she started as a kennel assistant, then worked her way up to a Veterinary Assistant position and eventually a Veterinary Technician. All the while, she worked in a horse barn while attending college. She graduated from Texas A&M University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in May of 1999, and soon after joined Stafford Oaks Veterinary Hospital as an associate Veterinarian. Dr. Walter fell in love with the pets and clients of Stafford Oaks Veterinary Hospital, so much that she jumped on the opportunity to purchase the practice in 2009.

Dr. Walter enjoys seeing new puppies and discussing the joys of puppyhood with pet parents. She also likes treating pets for allergic skin diseases since it is a common problem for pets in her area of the country.

At home, Dr. Walter lives with her high-school sweetheart husband, Robert, and their large family. They have four children: Bobby, Logan, Hayden, and Brooklyn. They also have three cats, Morris, Braveheart, and Kirby, as well as two dogs, mastiff Lola and a rescue named Blacky.

Dr. Walter is an avid Crossfit exercise fanatic, having even obtained her level-one trainer certificate! She likes cooking with her whole family and is always looking for new recipes to try. Gardening is Dr. Walter’s favorite form of relaxation.

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Photo of Dr.   Walter

Dr. Puksta

Associate Veterinarian

From a young age, Dr. Puksta recognized that there are advances being made every day in animal care and longevity, and she wanted to be a part of it! After obtaining a degree in Psychology, she went back to school and has now worked at Stafford Oaks Veterinary Hospital as an Associate Veterinarian for five years!

Dr. Puksta grew up in Oregon. She attended Ross University to get her Biology degree, then went to Louisiana State University for her clinics. She started practicing veterinary medicine in Washington State before moving to the area for her husband’s job.

Pain and arthritis are Dr. Puksta’s “hobbies” within the veterinary medicine world. She also particularly likes rehabbing turtles!

Dr. Puksta’s husband Josh works as an electrical lineman. They have an eight-year-old daughter named Kierra, four dogs, and a cat. The family loves the outdoors and stays active by hiking, camping, traveling, riding bicycles, and swimming. Dr. Puksta is interested in photography and crafts, and is involved in the Houston Arthritis Walk as well as being an Arthritis Foundation Board Member.

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Photo of Dr.   Puksta

Dr. Brady

Associate Veterinarian

Born and raised in Southwest Houston, Dr. Brady attended Texas A&M to receive his degree and doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. He worked at Stafford Oaks veterinary Hospital as a Technician while in college, then returned to the clinic as an Associate Veterinarian in 1988 and has been helping animals here for 22 years!

Dr. Brady is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Texas Veterinary Medical Association. He’s been a huge influence on the “common sense at an affordable price” philosophy at Stafford Oaks! He enjoys diagnosing animal diseases, discussing pet care with owners, and general practice work.

At home, Dr. Brady lives with his wife Laurie, a school teacher, and their black Labrador Scratch. In his spare time, he competes in fishing tournaments and recently won the JP Girffon Memorial Fishing Tournament that raised over a quarter million dollars for education scholarshpis! Dr. Brady also plays softball every Tuesday—even though his team is the “old guys” team competing in a “young guys” league, he has a lot of fun and loves playing!

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Photo of Dr.   Brady